Living in Cyprus

Living in Cyprus

Aphrodite’s birthplace, at least according to legend, Cyprus can be called the pearl of the Mediterranean. Many tourists fall in love with the beauty of the island and the friendliness of the locals and come back here again and again.

Cyprus’s climate remains a big privilege, with lots of sunshine sparkling on the ocean. Cyprus is a beautiful island with plentiful good and fresh food, friendly locals and interesting, pretty towns in which to live. Cyprus is really beautiful with its stunning natural beauty, numerous historical sites and relaxed lifestyle.

Life in Cyprus is slower, so it's ideal for those who want just to escape the bustle of big cities. You will absolutely love living in the island, enjoying the nutritious, delicious fish, fruit and vegetables and the long walks on the sunny beaches.

With golf courses, water sports, the Troodos mountain range for hikers, a variety of social clubs for every hobby and a choice of living in larger towns or tiny, picturesque villages, Cyprus offers a quality of life you might not find elsewhere...maybe living in Cyprus is not perfect, but it’s pretty close to a paradise in the Mediterranean.